Rehability - 2018 Winner

Rehability - Games for neurological rehabilitation 

REHABILITY is a suite of serious games for the physical and cognitive (tele-)rehabilitation of neurological patients.

It was conceived and designed by Imaginary SRL and refined over time, with more than 7 years of multidisciplinary research on stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's: it was also designed and engineered together with specialists and patients.

REHABILITY consists of two areas: one dedicated to the specialist with the aim of configuring highly personalized treatment plans for the individual and monitoring the course of therapy; the other dedicated to the patient who can carry out rehabilitative exercises according to the therapeutic plan within a play environment. REHABILITY responds to two high-impact needs identified by the European Commission: lower the costs of the health care system for rehabilitation care and improve the adherence of the patient to rehabilitation therapy, motivating the patient not to drop it. REHABILITY is also a tele-medicine solution: by prolonging the therapy time of neurological patients, it allows a more constant recovery or maintenance over time and therefore a result of greater effectiveness.