Mission - 2019 Winner

MISSION - MultISenSory Integrated system for patient cOmpliaNce improvement

The Mission of the Association Romanini Onlus, is to support the activities in favor of the patients of the Gemelli ART. Among the care offers of the Oncological Radiotherapy of the Gemelli ART, there is the High Technology Center of Interventional Oncology: IOC (Interventional Oncology Center), area dedicated to interventional therapies locoregional. In addition to expertise and technology, the center aims to alleviate the suffering of patients (adults and children): it is imperative to design a serene, welcoming and colorful environment. For this reason, the Gemelli ART has developed a patient-oriented care plan through new projects that integrate medicine, technology and personal service.

To this end, a home automation system with integrated control via app or personal computer of display, multicolor LED lights, speakers and aroma/odour diffusers will be realized. The home automation solution will allow the patient to activate through his smartphone, after framing a simple QRcode, the scenario of his preference and will be immersed in a personalized multisensory environment with the integration of music, color therapy and aromatherapy as well as the vision of images with high emotional content / relaxing.

The IOC's "bunkerized" intervention room for the treatment of adult patients and children is intended to be equipped with an integrated multisensory system: the patient during the procedures can customize the environment by selecting the preferred music and images, which are projected on a flat-screen, high-resolution display mounted on the ceiling. Through the use of digital technology, the aim is to improve the patient's quality of life, and survival (increasing compliance and adherence to cancer therapy). Creating a multisensory environment is an experience of emotional nourishment and serenity that generates a widespread sense of calm in a state of "optimal arousal" for improved treatment compliance and survival.