Mirrorable - 2018 Winner

Mirrorable™  - Interactive platform conceived by FightTheStroke

Mirrorable™ is an interactive platform, conceived by FightTheStroke, that allows a unique model of rehabilitative therapy at home, designed to meet the needs of the children who have suffered brain damage at a very early stage of their life, with motor-level impacts.

The scientific principle on which it is based is the ability to stimulate the plasticity of the motor system by activating the mechanism of Mirror Neurons, simply by watching video stories and exercising with other children with similar needs.

Mirrorable enables for the first time a data collection and single register process of the different case studies, thus transforming itself into a tool that can process data and draw statistical evidence to study the different brain lesions and develop new rehabilitation strategies.

The availability of Mirrorable ' In the Cloud ' allows the geographic diffusion with broad spectrum, lowering the costs of distribution, the time expenditure for the journeys, the crowding of the rehabilitation structures active in the territory. But does not exclude the role of the health care professional, it actually boosts it, giving it a set of data that is useful to measure and establish incremental objectives.