1. What is the PDHA Award?

The PDHA - Patients' Digital Health Awards aims to promote the digital innovation already characterizing the prevention and treatment journey in Italy. The Award is promoted by the Digital Health Academy in collaboration with about 50 Patient Associations and the unconditional support of the MSD Foundation.
The call was designed to reward the design and implementation of digital health projects that, from the patients' standpoint, can help improve the quality of life of those who experience the disease themselves and their caregivers and/or facilitate the care process. 

2. Who can apply?

May apply for the Call:

  1. Individuals
  2. Public and private organizations operating in the field of scientific research and health care (e.g. IRCCS, Hospital Companies, Hospitals, Clinics)
  3. Scientific Foundations
  4. Public or private university institutions
  5. Startups already constituted
  6. IT companies
  7. Services companies

Entities and other legal entities including members of the selection board may not participate in the call for applications.

3. How to submit the project?

The participation in the Competition is exclusively through the completion of the Application Form available here in the modalities specified on the website itself. The Application Form must contain all the required information, otherwise the project will be excluded from the competition. It is also possible to send annexes containing information that are considered relevant for the evaluation of the project by the Judging Committee.

4. How long should the submitted project be?

Within the Application Form it is indicated from time to time how to enter the required information, including the maximum number of words that can be used for the completion.

5. In which language should the Project Application Form be filled in?

The language must be Italian or English.

6. By when can you submit your project?

The participation, with the required form completion, will be allowed from 12:00 pm. on July 2nd until - and no later - 5:00 pm on September 24th 2020.

7. How will this project be evaluated?

The Commission will assess the relevance of the project with the theme, the suitability of the Organisation and the project manager to carry out the project; it will then proceed to evaluate the following aspects, assigning a score for each of them:

  • Originality and relevance
  • Feasibility of the idea and/or project and development potential
  • Methodology and parameters of evaluation of results and effectiveness (not applicable for the idea)
  • Grade of technological innovation
  • Management of ethical-legal aspects
  • Replicability and scalability of the project (not applicable for the idea)
  • Simplicity and usability
  • Results already present (not applicable for the idea)
  • Sustainability and free of charge for the patient
  • ATI (Temporary business association) - networks that also have patient associations within them.

8. How will the winners be announced?

The winners of the prize will be announced during an award ceremony in Rome on October 16, 2020. The winning projects will then be published on the website, accompanied by the reasons for the award.

9. If the prize is assigned, how will the contribution be granted?

The modalities of the contribution will be defined in detail in the Contract that will be stipulated between the Digital Health Academy and the winners.


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