Elysium - 2018 Winner

Elysium - Blockchain project for health

Elysium is a digital project that allows the sharing of health data in a certified and secure way thanks to a platform based on blockchain technology; it also exploits artificial intelligence and big data analysis to reduce the evaluation time of an effective therapy based on the patient's pathology.

Through asymmetric end-to-end encryption algorithms and through blockchain technology, it guarantees the security and confidentiality of health data by certifying its transmission between the various nodes of the network. Elysium has been designed with a modular and microservice-oriented architecture, which allows to extract data directly from the territorial healthcare system, implementing a global categorization and indexing.

Elysium helps healthcare facilities and doctors to access certified health data in a timely and transparent way, reducing the risk of negligence and improving patient outcomes. It also supports healthcare professionals in the secure management of patient information, increasing transparency on staff responsibilities and improving coordination between departments. Finally, it empowers patients to upload, consult and provide access to their health records in a secure and certified way, making them an active player in improving health services.