BRAVO! - 2019 Winner

BRAVO! A gaming environment for the fight against ADHD

The aim of the project BRAVO is the creation of a platform dedicated to ADHD patients and their therapists, focusing on monitoring and tailor-made exercises. It was created to involve young patients in the treatment process, thus limiting the oppositional attitude often shown towards classical therapy. Thanks to a videogame the child's attention is captured to overcome the initial distrust in order to create a more relaxed environment that prepares the patient for therapy.

ADHD is a neuroevolutionary disorder that is expressed through numerous symptoms that can be placed within three dimensions - attentive, impulsive and hyperactive - each of which contributes to learning and adaptation problems in different life contexts. A child with ADHD must therefore focus on three main elements: learning self-control, making and maintaining friendships and feeling good about themselves. The BRAVO project aims at creating an immersive therapy game environment, based on an innovative ICT system, with which to improve the relationship of young patients with therapies (administered in the form of serious games and gamification platform), and through the use of wearable sensors and virtual reality devices and increased implementation of personalized therapy processes.


In the designed platform, therapists and patients have distinctly separate roles and tasks: this feature led to the design of separate applications, one for therapists only (therapist's dashboard), the others reserved for patients/children (serious games, home games, Avatar). The first one consists of a control interface that allows the monitoring of therapy and the customization of video games; the others consist of a collection of rehabilitative exercises in the form of a video game (serious games), which the child can perform at Villa delle Ginestre during the programmed therapeutic sessions, using virtual or augmented reality devices, or from home (home games) using tablets, pc.