Pathological anatomy at a click for the patient - 2018 Winner

Pathological anatomy at a click for the patient

The Pathological anatomy at a click for the patient is a remote consulting network designed by the Cannizzaro Pathological Anatomy Complex Unit of Catanzaro.

The network provides advice and second opinion services at the diagnostic end for specific patients and pathologies that require adequate expertise from national experts often related to rare or difficult to interpret pathologies. Moreover, it provides internal and external quality activities (also at national level) through the implementation of a quality control system with consequent standardization of diagnostic activities and minimisation of possible diagnostic interpretation errors in order to safeguard the patient.

The realization of the Telepathox network, the first prototype, in the past has allowed to obtain a high quality and reliability of histo-pathological diagnoses, for a greater precision medicine and a increasingly accurate clinical management of the patient. And in order to operate Telepathox needed a modern infrastructure, a traceability system, continuous control of individual processes and a quality standard that led the Pathological Anatomy of Cannizzaro Hospital to obtain ISO 9001-2015 certification.