About us

The Patients' Digital Health Awards (PDHA) is promoted by the Digital Health Academy in collaboration with 50 Patient Associations and the unconditional contribution of the MSD Foundation.


The many applications to previous editions of the award show that the healthcare world is constantly changing and seeking innovative and original answers to the unmet needs of both patients and their caregivers.


A unique example of its kind, in Italy and in Europe, the Patients' Digital Health Awards is now on its third edition involving also European Patients' Associations. 

Objectives and mission

PDHA 2020 is now open to international ideas and projects involving also European Patients' Association in the Selection Committee. 


It is not only an award, but an acknowledgement assigned by those who - the Patient Associations - know how important it is to make 'digital health' a concrete tool.

The PDHA initiative is conceived for recognizing the digital health ideas and projects from the patients' perspective. Innovative candidate solutions have to be focused on facilitating the care process and improving the quality of life of patients and caregivers


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