2020 Edition

The third annual Patients’ Digital Health Awards (PDHA), organised by the Digital Health Academy, with the involvement of 50 patient associations and an unconditional contribution from the MSD Foundation, has received over 60 applications for innovative digital health projects and solutions. 

This edition was characterized by the involvment of important European networks: Allied for Startups global network, the European ACN association and the European Patients Forum’s Youth Group. This was a tangible sign of how Patients' Associations and innovators can walk side by side towards the common goal of a human digital transformation. 

Moreover, for the first time the Patients' Digital Health Award has addressed its call to innovators from other countries and so this year, besides Italy, 12 countries were represented. Three the awarded categories: "Already implemented projects"; "Covid-19 Solution"; "Idea".

Alongside the call for entries to the PDHA, a new publication outlines the patient association recommendations for taking a more ‘human’ approach to the development of digital health.

The Patients’ Advice for a H.U.M.A.N Digital Health white paper was designed to set some rules and provide the patient point of view to those working on the design and implementation of digital health solutions.



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