2018 Edition

The first edition of the Patients' Digital Health Awards was highly appreciated by the Patients' Associations and the world of health innovation. Indeed, it was recognized as a unique project, both in Italy and abroad, which sees for the first time Patients to reward digital health innovations.  The award has thus emerged as an important initiative to represent the expertise and the enthusiasm of all the leading associations, fully acknowledging their value in the ongoing digital transformation.

The 2018 edition began with the recognition of unmet needs through an online survey "Digital Health at the service of Patients" sent by the Associations to their members: about 800 answers allowed to gather the point of view of the Patients on the opportunities brought - concretely or potentially - by digital technologies in the health world. A very interesting picture emerged on the digital health topic and also an open attitude towards the possibilities that new technologies offer to improve the quality of life of patients.


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